Employer Guide

  • Facilities for employers (conf. art. 93 of Law. 76/2002)

    Employers who employ unemployed people, they kept in operation for at least 6 luni de la Data angajarii, benefit of reducing the amount representing the contribution due by the employer unemployment insurance budget.

  • Reducing the contribution is given in the next fiscal year beginning, for a period of 6 Monday, It consists in decreasing the amount due monthly 0,5% for each percentage of newly employed staff share in the conditions mentioned above, Average number of staff employed under individual employment contract since respectiv.Angajatorii receiving loans from the unemployment insurance, in conditiile art. 86 of Law. 76/2002, benefit of reducing the contribution payment,abovementioned, only hired unemployed above the 50% of newly created jobs provided.

  • Employers who receive grants from the Unemployment Insurance Fund, in conditiile art. 86 paragraph. (1) of Law. 76/2002, benefit of deduction of contribution, unemployed only employed on other than new jobs created as a result of granting grants.