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We offer selection and staff recruitment, temporary work, gestiune wage-payroll – outsourcing administrativ si salarial. We provide teams of specialists with experience in their field. Any steps towards a professional career stable and upward should represent you at every stage of your evolution. Our HR Counselors come to meet your requirements.

Free consulting in human resources
The service will be made available by the best specialists in analytical services and free advice in situations like: labor legislation, designing and implementing work procedures, creating internal organizational, identifying solutions for all critical situations within your company.

Recruitment and selection of the best candidates
Each stage of your business development process is a step towards success. We want to support you in completing this road, putting at your disposal a number of services in human resources. Our consultants offer the guarantee of recruitment and selection of the most motivated professionals from various fields to bring extra value to your company. The only effort on your part is to send our specialists HR information to help us in recruiting the ideal candidate. Once submitted this information, KREVIN specialists dealing with recruitment and selection of the best professionals.